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Die meisyo de meisyu Haiiro no ginka vol 63



If I remember correctly it was in 1999 in a studio in Los Angeles where I first heard this word as a contender for the album title.  Thinking about how long it’s taken us to name other albums, I think that we named GAUZE at a very early stage.

I could not have imagined that seven years later I would be returning to Los Angeles to play live.

I wonder how long it’s been since I listened to this album from start to finish.  Since I only listen to old songs when we decide we’re going to play them on tour.

So since we will do the GAUZE tour for the first time in fifteen years I listened to all of GAUZE. I’m going to write about what I thought, felt and remembered from listening to each song. If I wait until the next issue I will probably have completely forgotten. (laughs)

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